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The events related to a baby’s birth are an extreme adventure for both parents, especially in case of the first child. The events which accompany the birth of a child mean extreme adventure for both parents, especially in case we speak about the first child. New experience is needed and the success will manifest itself in the weekdays.

Moreover these are events which are beyond expectancy and the physical and mental changes of delivery. It is not surprising that they often feel anxious and tired and sometimes think that perhaps they are unsuitable for the new tasks. It may also happen that they worry about the infant. Is it perhaps your fault when the baby cries visibly too much? There is a lot of unfinished household work: the day is too short to do everything. At that time the parents do not recognize that there is nothing special if the newborn takes full of their time in the first weeks and that any other tasks should only be of secondary importance. It must be accepted that infants keep on crying daily 2 hours on the average! Some of them even more, but it is not true that the first children cry more.

It is undisputed that parents’ responsibility brings fundamental changes in their own lives and also in their mutual partner relations. There is not only a couple whose members share their different concerns. They became parents of a child, whose demands enjoy priority in each hour of the day. Meeting of these expectations is so time-consuming that the partner can easily feel himself excluded or unnoticed. They can fight the obstacles more easily if nursing of the infant is their common task. In addition to the mother-child relation the establishment of father-child relation is extremely important. The father has to take active role in bathing the baby or changing the diapers, in playing, walking and the usual daily things to do. The mother can unintentionally delay this process if she rejects help. The mother often does not trust anyone because of her extreme worry. As a result she can deprive herself of the required rest, environmental changes and her partner will become uncertain in offering his help. In the family rooms developed at Maternity Private Department not only the new-born and the mother, but also the father is present and he is also the active participant in the exciting events of the first hours and days. This possibility contributes to successful starting of parents-child relation, when family is born. The newborn feels that the mother is calm, because the father is not far away, but it also gives direct and favourable effect that the baby can have a rest on the chest or in the arms of the father.

If you have older child please never forget that he/she also has to adapt to the new role. The newborn infant disturbs the position of the earlier only child in the centre of the attention and it is unexpected for him/her. Reactions of the older child cannot be explained simply with jealousy, these feelings mainly come from fear of losing parents’ love. It is very frequent that the older child temporarily steps back to a less developed stage thus calling attention of the parents. It is not easy to accept that he/she uses diapers again or has to be fed. These situations require severe understanding, much attention and patience. It is allowed to take small brothers and sisters to the family rooms of Maternity Private Department and this gives great help in having the new baby accepted.

(This writing was made by using the Informatory Bulletin of Felicitas Co. Ltd. published in 2013, with the consent of Dr. Olga Mag, editor)


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