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Prenatal care and birth

Women are biological and social depositaries of the survival of human race; their special treatment is the precondition of providing the possibility for them to deliver healthy children.

Fetal Genetics

Domestic and international introduction of fetal genetic examinations is associated, among others, with the name of Dr. Zoltán Papp professor in 1960. The featl cromosomes (kariotyping) analized from the cultured amniotic fluid cells optained by amniocentesis...

Premium Gynecology

Women are entitled also in our country to get the most professional and demanding service for preventing and treating their illnesses as well as to access the screening programs.

Ultrasonic examination

Nőgyógyászati ultrahangvizsgálatok

Mit kell tudni a szülészeti ultrahangvizsgálatokról?

A csecsemők ultrahang-szűrővizsgálata

The Place where family is born

Dear Moms,

This guide was created for the sake of making your birth experience and your stay in the clinic easier and smoother.

Please read it thoroughly. Thank you.

We kindly ask you to sign our contract around the 35 th week of your pregnancy. At this time we have the possibility to discuss all your questions and we can give you all the necessary information.

Arrival in a case of vaginal birth

If you feel that labor started please come to our clinic as soon as possible. Come even if you are uncertain whether you are in labor. There are doctor and midwives in 24-hour-service who can check on your condition. You don’t need to notify our clinic before coming. If you have a chosen midwife please contact her before leaving home so that she can arrive at the clinic at the same time with you. Your doctor’s notification happens according to agreement. If your docor ask you to do so, call him when you are about to leave home. If you haven’t been asked to call him then we will contact him after your arrival at the clinic.

You can use the free parking lot in front of the building. However, may us remind you that the parking lot is not guarded, so don’t leave any valuables, documents in the car, not even a short period of time.

Arrival in a case of scheduled C-section

On the scheduled day of your C-section you have to arrive to our Clinic at 7 o’clock in the morning. You can use the free parking lot in front of the building.

The day before the surgery please eat light food and drink a lot water at least 2,5 l. Please come with empty stomach, it means that you can not eat and drink anything in the morning.

It is important to inform your doctor, anesthesiologist of your medications taken on regular basis. If the doctor does not order otherwise, take them in the morning with as little water as you can. Before surgery please remove all your jewellery.

Please do not forget to bring the followig with you:

  • passport or identity card, resident card, address card and TAJ card (if you have)
  • marriage certificate or paternity statement, translated into Hungarian by OFFI
  • all test and examination results received during prenatal care
  • toiletry bag
  • underwear (underpants that can hold a pad) or disposable panties
  • pyjamas for dad
  • going home outfit for the baby
  • (nursing bra, breast pads)


We provide you and your relative who is staying with you in the Clinic

  • towel
  • bath robe
  • slippers
  • food 
  • silverware, glass, cup
  • for moms: nightgown, breast pump
  • for newborns: cloths, diapers, baby care products, breathing monitor

Of course you may use your own belongings if that is more comfortable for you. Only during labor we ask you to wear the Clinic’s nightgown and the dad or other relatives to wear the sterile gown provided by the Clinic.

Your stay at our Clinic

After delivey you will be accommodated in a family room. This means that the mom and dad can stay together and experience the first days together. For the mom there is a doctor’s visit and for the newborn there is a neonatologist’s visit each day between nine and ten.

In case you need anything, there are signals placed in every room.

Free WIFI is available at the Clinic.

We do not limit visitation. Your visitors can come and stay however is good for you.

While you are in the Clinic our collegue will contact you and ask for your datas to start the birth registration process.

 During your stay we provide meals for two adults three times a day (and two times snacks). If you have some kind of food allergy or have special requests please let us know on your arrival. Every family room has a refrigerator. After C-section please ask the nurses what you can eat of the food you received from the relatives.

In caring for your baby you may ask for help from the nurses. During your stay we provide breast pimps and breathing monitor. Our collegues will gladly teach you everything about baby care. We have lactation experts every day and they are helping you in breastfeeding. We highly support breastfeeding. We continually keep checking on the newborn’s condition. If we find signs or the laboratory results indicate that the milk amount is not sufficient we will temporarily propose supplement until the milk starts. We will provide the necessary materials and equipment for this.

Leaving the Clinic

The basic package incudes two nights, the exclusive contains three. Nights are calculated in the following way: if you give birth after 6 pm it will be considered as night zero and the next night will be counted as the first. Further stay is possible for extra charges. If your child was born with lower weight or before the 37th week of your pregnancy, there is a probability for an additional night. The cost of an extra night is 60.000 HUF. On the day of departure please leave the room until 11 am.

Before leaving the hospital you will receive the newborn’s and your medical discharge report, your copy of the contract and the necessary prescriptions for both of you.

Payment happens at the reception on the day of leaving. You can receive detailed information about the terms of payment at the time of signing the contract from.

Further tasks 

Agree on the date of the removal of stiches with your doctor, this is part of the delivery package. The package doesn’t include the cost of 6 weeks control of the mom and the baby.

We will inform you if the birth certificate is ready. As agreed at the time of filling out the forms the certificate can be received at the reception or can be sent by post on request.


Thank you,
Maternity Private Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology


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