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Maternity Private Deparment of Obstetrics and Gynecology wishes to ensure human-centred, professional, individual service during and after deliveries and operations, as well as, to perform professional screening programs with its permanent professional staff of experts with university clinical background and prepared for team work; based on its one-bed delivery rooms suited for childbirth together, homely wards meeting every demand and modernly equipped operating rooms..

The basic mission of Maternity Deparment is cultivation of the obstetric and gynecologic profession at high level, including at the same time prevention and medical treatment, performance and organization of research keeping up with the scientific development of the age (establishment of an independent research laboratory) in cooperation with the domestic and the international organizations. Our plans include organization of training meetings in the framework of professional medical education and medical trainings and organization of domestic and international conferences (e.g. „Ian Donald Inter-University School”). Edition of special publications („e.g. Obstetric and Gynecologic Postgraduate Review”) and participation in research projects are considered to be very important. Cooperation of „Iffy László Public Foundation can be reckoned to these plans.

The majority of the doctors belonging to the old team members of the Deparment is having scientific qualification (PhD or DSc) and they are acknowledged clinicians both in national and international aspects. Many of them are university professors, senior lecturers or docents. The majority of our professional staff has college degree and all of them are having several professional qualifications (midwife, operating-room nurse, intensive care nurse, anesthetist or laboratory assistant). All of them are the students of the same clinical school, all they have professional, human and communicative preparedness and all of them have been socialized in the university atmosphere. The highly educated staff of doctors and nurses with extensive experience is the guarantee for quality patients’ service and expected satisfaction of the patients. The Private Deparment wishes to undertake and continue the intellectual heritage of the professional workshop developed at the Semmelweis University Deparment of Baross street in the past two decades. The other part of our professional personnel has been selected from the excellently prepared doctors, midwives and infant’s care nurses of the previous Obstetric and Gynecologic Group of the Clinical Block of Kútvölgyi. In addition to the constant personnel of the Private Deparment „external” specialists, midwives may also bring their patients to our clinics on the basis of ad hoc cooperation.

Maternity Private Deparment is a specialized hospital and it wishes to operate almost the full range of obstetrics and gynecology accordingly, so we hope that a highly demanding service of model value, ensuring health for women and their children will be available also in Hungary in one place, at high level and under ideal environment and conditions. We should like to realize a patient-centred servicing culture with correct and quality information of the patients, which is in compliance with the mission of the Deparments and counts for the intrinsic motivation and proposals of the employees and which will have also measurable image building effect with simultaneous increase in patients’ flow. Each employee of the Deparment is interested in top-level and civilized service.

We can express our mission with the following two messages:




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