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The demand has arisen for adapting - also in our country - the worldwide, well-known and approved practice of health service. Any service can only be provided at the best level when it is financed in proportion to the actual costs. It means that the contribution payer citizens have to sacrifice for high level health service performed in civilized environment.

The need for organizing an obstetric and gynecologic service has emerged, where the patient has to pay the preliminary determined price for the provider and the provider offers the material conditions and correct financing of the personnel (doctors, nurses and assistants). The patient pays the preliminary fixed price for the service against an invoice. The doctor and the midwife are paid by the provider against their invoice, they have to pay tax after this payment and the system thus becomes transparent; the efficiency and human-centred properties of the system can be accounted for. The professional concept of „Safety and partnership: the tasks of the health service till 2010” elaborated in summer 2008 makes it clear that not the insurers but the providers must compete. Namely OEP (national health fund) will be authorized to cancel the contract with the provider in case the conditions are not met, and the alternative partner can be either in private ownership. It means that independence of the sector must get its way in our country, too, just like as it is in the neighbouring countries.

These ideas led to the decision of a group of investors to establish a private deparment of obstetrics and gynecology, managed by professor Dr. Zoltán Papp


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