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Prenatal care and birth

Women are biological and social depositaries of the survival of human race; their special treatment is the precondition of providing the possibility for them to deliver healthy children.

Fetal Genetics

Domestic and international introduction of fetal genetic examinations is associated, among others, with the name of Dr. Zoltán Papp professor in 1960. The featl cromosomes (kariotyping) analized from the cultured amniotic fluid cells optained by amniocentesis...

Premium Gynecology

Women are entitled also in our country to get the most professional and demanding service for preventing and treating their illnesses as well as to access the screening programs.

Ultrasonic examination

Nőgyógyászati ultrahangvizsgálatok

Mit kell tudni a szülészeti ultrahangvizsgálatokról?

A csecsemők ultrahang-szűrővizsgálata

The Place where family is born

In Hungary every baby has to be registered by a registrar in the local municipality in that district where the child was born. This task will be done by our clinic. In the postpartum period you will be visited by our colleague to fill out the appropriate forms for the birth certificate and we will send them to the office.

When the certificate is ready, it is receivable at the reception 5th floor of our clinic.

The parents have to take the birth certificate issued by the Hungarian authorities to the their local embassy where passport and / or registrar will be issued for the infant. Newborns in Hungary will not become Hungarian citizens automatically.


Namegiving of the baby - ln case if one of the parents is foreigner

By Hungarian rules the registrar have to record the baby’s given name choosen from an official list (made by Magyar Tudományos Akadémia ). lf the name choosen by the parents is not on this list, the parents have to request a verification document from their own embassy, that the choosen name exisits and can be given in their country. This paper recommended to be in Hungarian, so you should request it from embassy in Hungarian. If the document issued in a foreign language, it has to be officially translated by Országos Fordító és Fordításhitelesítő Iroda (Official Translation Office ). Before translation please contact one of our colleagues (see below). The document can be accepted by e-mail as well, so the simplest way is to write an email to the embassy.


ln case both parents are foreigners and without Hungarian citizenship

You can give any name to your baby. There is no need for any permission.


The registration of the father

Those parents, who live in marriage, need an official translation of the marriage certificate. It has to be done by the official translator office (Országos Fordító és Fordításhitelesítő Iroda, Please before translation contact our colleague to be sure whether it is necessary to have a special diplomatic validation stamp or apostille on your marriage certificate. That depends on the laws of the country, where the marriage took place.

If you have this official translation, birth certificate will be ready about one week after delivery.

If the parents are not married there are two options for the registration of the father.

1. Declaration of paternity at the Hungarian authorities

Declaration about fathership written by Hungarian officer is recommended, the registrar can accept it without any problem, if the form and data was taken according to the hungarian laws. We suggest you to manage it before delivery. You should take this declaration with you when you come to deliver. After delivery the registration of the father takes about 1,5-2 months. Until then a temprorary birth certificate will be issued, containing only monther’s data. In this temporary birth certificate surname of the child will be the surname of the mother, because father’s data has to be registered.

This declaration can be taken to every local municipality (Önkormányzat) by a registrar (called „anyakönyvvezető”), or in the Child Welfare Agency (called Gyámhivatal).


For declaration necessary:

- mother and father presence together

- if one or both of them do not speak Hungarian: a translator person — does not have to be an official translator, but he/she can not be a close relative of parents

- valid passport or ID card

- residence permit and/or address card (if they have)

- document written by obstetrician with the expected date of conception and delivery

- officially translated document about mother’s marital status — it has to be provided by their own counry’s authorities. By Hungarian law, a mother can sign the declaration of paternity, if she is not married; divorced and more than 300 days have passed between the divorce and delivery. For fathers this kind of document is not necessary.

2. You can try to make the final birth certificate in your embassy by the temporary birth certificate containing only the mother's data. The advantage of this method is, that you can get papers and passport for the baby quicker, but not every embassy accepts the temporary birth certificate. There are huge differences in the laws of different countries, so it is recommended to ask about this option at your embassy before delivery.

It is very important to know, that the Hungarian office will record the names according to the official translation. Thus we kindly suggest you to spellcheck the name written on the translated document to avoid possible future inconviniences.


lf you have further questions, please ask our colleagues:

Sárosi Judit This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Péterné Molnár Gizella This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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