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Prenatal care and birth

Women are biological and social depositaries of the survival of human race; their special treatment is the precondition of providing the possibility for them to deliver healthy children.

Fetal Genetics

Domestic and international introduction of fetal genetic examinations is associated, among others, with the name of Dr. Zoltán Papp professor in 1960. The featl cromosomes (kariotyping) analized from the cultured amniotic fluid cells optained by amniocentesis...

Premium Gynecology

Women are entitled also in our country to get the most professional and demanding service for preventing and treating their illnesses as well as to access the screening programs.

Ultrasonic examination

Nőgyógyászati ultrahangvizsgálatok

Mit kell tudni a szülészeti ultrahangvizsgálatokról?

A csecsemők ultrahang-szűrővizsgálata

The Place where family is born

At Maternity Private Clinc we believe that is important to offer newer and more services to our patients year by year.

Therefore, w eset our goal to not only make the birth’s experience beautiful but also provide a wider range of care for women. The Maternity Studio is a place where everything is a about women and families in an exclusive yet cozy atmosphere. Various services are available which can help women during pregnancy , psotpartum and other life stages. These services include special movements for pregnant and women after delivery as well. There are also psychogical lectures and programmes which beyond obstetrics also cover gynecological matters.We pay a lot of attention on proficiency both in our Clinic and in our Studio as well, so highly qualified professionals are welcoming, guiding and helping you and your family in the Maternity Studio.

There will be futher information soon about our lessons ont he website.


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Pregnant women and their children first of all

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